It has finally happened. I got a nice domain again, and my own server to play and experiment with, plus host my tools and other goodies. Not wanting to make something from scratch, I went and set up hugo and I gotta admit, it’s a nice piece of software. Using markdown for content is relaxing and fun, and even digging deeper into the themes and configuration, everything’s well laid out. I’m liking it a lot so far!

In other news, the past year or two have been fairly interesting, learned a bunch of nice code stuff, got into a bunch of new hobbies etc. I’ll be posting some of these things on here in the future hopefully. Might be nice to be able to keep track of my progress by posting new stuff every now and then.

A small 16x2 LCD displaying the text woof woof woof wan wan
One of the things i've been playing around with! One of my first proper soldering projects...