Arcade Stage Texture Tool, a universal Arcade Stage Texture Extractor/Importer

A nifty little tool to help you extract and import textures from .abr, .efo and pac files used in most PC-based Initial D Arcade Stage titles. Make sure to reimport textures in the same format (dds type and mipmaps) as the original one, otherwise the tool will warn you and stop you from importing. Only limitation is that it cannot handle importing bigger textures currently. Might improve on that one day…1

Current Version: 1.0


  • Merged the old ABRTool and PacTool into this texture tool to make updating both easier. They’re now using the same codebase.
  • Added HQ image filtering to the texture previews.
  • Added progress indicator to taskbar icon while loading, saving and importing/exporting textures and archives.
  • Updated the checkerboard bg texture


  1. Unlikely, because I don’t want to rewrite the entire tool. But you never know. ↩︎